Inspired by so many others, I've created my now page. You'll be able to keep track of what I'm working on right now in a more refined and genuine format than shitposting on Twitter.


ZVM is like a bug you catch at the beginning of Summer. You know that after the months of fun you'll have watching him grow you'll have to set him free. Despite being my most popular project and a pretty well built tool if I do say so myself, I am acutely aware that Zig would only have to ship a version manager to annihilate my entire audience. Andrew Kelly has said as much is possible. Once (I will update once I find the source) saying to me in the Zig Discord that he didn't understand the need for Zig version managers because in the future the Zig executable would be able to compile any version of ZigΓÇ¥. I'm paraphrasing, but I'm choosing to operate as if it's only a matter of time until Zig sherlocks ZVM and puts me out of business.

That being said, if Zig would like to commit to shipping ZVM with all of its releases, I will rewrite ZVM in 100% Zig. The offer stands, Andrew. You know how to reach me.


I'll admit that this site is 100% the result of my buddies getting super hyped about a small puzzle I made for them. I posted the idea on Twitter, and my buddies Travis and Tommaso hopped on to tweak the first commits and fix some bugs. The project has since slowed down. I wrote a really good authentication layer, and set up a very clean server so I'm reluctant to just throw it all away. I'm thinking about turning it into a stack overflow clone, or just using it as a template for future projects.


I'm currently enrolled in Youngstown State University pursuing my M.B.A. I'm in my second-to-last semester, and am currently working through Marketing Strategy. It's been an overall fun experience some classes have been better than others and I'm glad that I went through with it. When my girlfriend pitches that I go get my Master's right before finishing hers, I was reluctant. I didn't want to lose my free time; I didn't see the value of the degree; I thought it would be too expensive. But, Youngstown State University ended up being affordable and I found that I was able to balance the challenge with my schedule. I'm still shipping regular releases during the week and maintaining my A's.